How Long Does it Take for a Judge to Set my Bail?

As soon as you’ve been arrested, you want to be released. The problem is that you can’t be released for many crimes until your bail has been set. Once you know how much bail is required to get you out of jail, you and your loved ones can start exploring different ways to raise the money and get you sprung from your jail cell.

Technically, there’s not an official time limit for you to learn your bail. A judge could debate the topic for some time if they so choose. What does have a set time frame is your arraignment which is the official court process where bail is determined. The arraignment must take place within 48 business hours of your arrest.

During the arraignment, the judge listens to the charges that have been filed against you, what both your lawyer and the prosecutor think is a fair bail amount, and considers how likely you are to return for all your official appearances.

During Arraignment

Some essential things take place during the arraignment:

  • The charges against you are formally read
  • You enter a plea of guilty or not guilty
  • The judge sets bail
  • Any outstanding warrants are canceled

You may be surprised to learn that the average arraignment usually doesn’t take very long. While occasionally, an arraignment can take a bit longer, on average, it lasts about five minutes. The judge only needs a few minutes to consider the following topics:

  • The bail schedule for the charges you’re up against
  • Your criminal history (and if you have any failure to appear on your record)
  • How strong your ties to the community are (this can include marital status, employment status, and whether you have children living in the community)
  • Any restrictions they want to attach to your bail

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