What is a Suspicious Bail?

The concept of bail is surprisingly simple. After you’ve been arrested, you learn how much money, or bail, is required for you to be released. Once your case is closed, you’ll get that bail money back.

In theory, any money is perfect for bail, right?


Tennessee has something that they call suspicious bail. This doesn’t refer to forged or counterfeit money, but rather money that is suspected to have been obtained via criminal activity. A perfect example of this is money that was obtained during a burglary and that is then used to post your bail.

Suspicious bail can cause all sorts of problems for you. It’s possible that it can even result in additional charges being filed against you, which in turn would increase the amount of bail you require.

If someone believes that the money being used to post your bail was obtained via a felony, they will immediately order that your release be halted. Once this happens, a quick hearing is put together where the matter of where the money came from is discussed. During this suspicious bail hearing, the burden of proof is on you. You’ll have to explain where the money came from and why it’s being used to post your bail.

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