How Long Does it Take to Get Released from Jail After Posting a Tennessee Bail Bond?

One of the first questions we’re usually asked during the free online bail bonds consultation is how long before you’ll be released from jail. While we wish could provide you with an exact number, the truth is that it varies from one client to another.

The first thing that determines how long it takes to be released from jail following posting a Tennessee bail bond is you. Some of our clients instantly decide they want our help. Others prefer to wait and carefully consider all of their options. You’re free to take as much or a little time as needed to decide what you want to do, we’ll never pressure you, but we also can’t start the bail bond process until you commit to using A1 Bail Bonds services.

When you do decide to take advantage of our Tennessee bail bond services, filling out the contract and getting the process rolling takes hardly any time at all. What will slow things down a bit is if your circumstances require a co-signer, collateral, or proof of employment. The good news is that if you do require any of these things, we will advise you on how to quickly get them so that the bail bond process experiences a minimal delay.

Once we’ve hammered out the terms of the contract, we don’t waste any time getting to the jail and posting your bail bond. Once we’ve done this, the length of time it takes to process your bail is out of our hands. We can say that in most cases, it takes between 30 minutes and 24 hours to process the bail. Once the jail has processed the payment, you’ll be released.

Fast service is just one of the reasons you should consider A1 Bail Bonds when you require bail in Tennessee. Other reasons we’re everyone’s favorite Tennessee bail bonds service include:

· 0% Interest payment plans
· Phone approvals
· No hidden fees
· No collateral for working signers
· Outstanding customer service

We promise to do everything in our power to get you released from jail as quickly as possible. Your free bail consultation starts the process.

To get the ball rolling call 865-364-1188.